Monday, 18 November 2013

Surviving spring break

As college students, we work vigorously all year to get good grades, maintain an income of some sort, and try to have a social life. It's a dangerous triangle, and one point always suffers. So when that one week in February comes knocking on the door, all college students rejoice. I can picture a montage in my head of kids throwing papers in the air and cheering with joy.

Reading week can be spent a few different ways. Some students take full advantage and work full time at their jobs and study hard to make sure they are fully prepared for the start of school. I applaud you. Others, make a fort in their room and don't come out for the duration of the break. While others, like myself, enjoy soaking up the sun with friends. Spring break, as some like to call it.

The past couple of years, my friends and I have travelled to Mexico for reading week. I know you are all cringing at the thought of Mexico, but let me tell you, it's not that bad. I mean, it's not a glamourous vacation where one man is feeding you grapes while another fans you, but to get away cheap, it does the trick.

Here are my 5 tips to surviving (and enjoying) your spring break:

  1. The buddy system is key: I always make sure I have a friend present with me wherever I go. Even if it's just going to the bathroom, it's in your best interest. For safety purposes, obviously, but also because everything is more fun when your best friend is there to experience it with you!

  1. Water is scarce...treasure it: DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER. I made that mistake the first time I went, and my body hated me for it. Granted, I didn't drink a cup full, but I definitely swallowed some by accident and it wasn't my most beautiful experience. Bottled water will become your best friend on this trip, along with your buddy, of course.


  1. One dollar bills are a wonderful thing: If you want an extra clean room, service before others, or extra sangria at dinner, you want to carry around one dollar bills. I always like to tip generously when I'm on my spring break trip because I feel so bad for everything the staff has to put up with during that week. I wouldn't want to deal with us either.


  1. Bring your own cup: When you go up to the bar to get a (non-alcoholic) beverage, you are served these cups that are equivalent to those little cups you rinse with at the dentist. Mixed with the long line ups, these cups aren't ideal. Bringing your own cup or mug means you get a bigger serving, which lasts longer and is a little more sanitary.


  1. Sweater weather: The first time I went to Mexico, I just brought all summer clothes because I was just thinking of that glorious sun. But, my friends, the sun goes down and it is extremely cold at night. Bringing a sweater or a jean jacket is key to having a good night, goose bump free.


So, what are you going to do for reading week?

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